Why you should go with Colocation in Jacksonville!

Leasing bare metal services allow for quick turnkey deployments, but sometimes an organization has very specific needs that require a certain configuration. For that, nothing is better than custom colocation. Our colocation allows for any organization to build their own server and then ship it for us to be securely racked in a top of the line facility!

colocationWe regularly work with organizations ranging from the medical industry, financial organizations, as well as others with massive storage needs. Colocation allows them to build out custom solutions that meet regulatory requirements as well as any internal equipment standardization. We also work with those organizations when they have specialist appliances that they wish to house with their servers in our facilities. Once such deployment allowed a company to move their VPN and firewall device to our facilities to allow them to place their critical infrastructure behind our Path Networks DDOS mitigation, ensuring their remote workers could still gain access during an attack. With the recent migration to work from home, this solution is invaluable to countless organizations!

Some organizations also find themselves sharing office space with their network gear and heat generating servers. Our colocation allows those organizations to take their equipment and create some free space by putting it into our caring hands. There is no need to worry about the noise, cooling requirements, network issues, and power outages while saving on utility bills!

With the peak of hurricane season upon us hear in Florida, there is no better time to consider placing your critical office server in a CAT 5 facility. The JaxNAP facility is perfect to weather any storm with redundant power supplied from the most reliable utility provider in Northeast Florida as well redundant links as a hub between Atlanta and Miami as well as a direct path to South America! Get started today!

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