The Benefits of Fully Managed Hosting Services

A common question asked by many people when on the hunt for a suitable hosting plan is “do I go fully managed, or unmanaged?”. Both good and bad aspects apply, and making a decision can be tricky. In this blog post, we’ll walk through this topic in a bit more detail, helping you to make an informed decision.


– Cost effective. This is the industry’s cheaper option as you’re expected to manage everything but the network and hardware yourself, preventing the need for assistance from your hosting provider’s staff.

– More control, potentially. Some providers will only give you admin/root access if your service is unmanaged. If it’s fully managed, there is a chance you will be denied this access, as some providers prefer to keep the management of the server in-house and restricted to trained technicians. In some cases, this can prevent fatal errors (i.e. by people who are not entirely familiar with a system).

That’s about it for Unmanaged. Let’s take a look at Fully Managed!

Fully Managed

– More expensive to cover the cost of staffing needed to manage your service and handle support requests.

– Typically includes value added services, or “freebies”, such as licenses or services. This could be a license for a control panel (i.e. cPanel), billing software (i.e. WHMCS), off-site backup space and perhaps priority support.

–  The deployment (initial setup) is handled by your provider, along with on-going maintenance. Setting up a server can be one of the trickiest parts, but ensuring it stays in good-shape can be equally as tricky, and important.

– You’re not alone! Let’s set the scene, it’s a Sunday afternoon and you want to be relaxing, and taking it easy. You find that your website is offline, potentially income is being lost, and you don’t fancy the idea of taking your Sunday to fix server problems. If the server is unmanaged, it’s on you to fix it. The beauty of Fully Managed means that technicians can investigate (and hopefully resolve) such problems for you.

– Complementary migrations. Many providers will provide migrations from other servers with the purchase of a fully managed service. Essentially, this involves transferring your data from one server to another. If you’ve got a bunch of HTML pages, this is typically a task that takes minutes. However, in the event you have tens, potentially hundreds of domains to move over, plus databases, complex PHP applications, etc, it can be frustrating and time consuming.

DediPath offers Fully Managed VPS plans with cPanel from just $24.49 per month, Hybrid Servers from $49.00 per month and Dedicated Servers from $149.00 per month! Our team of technicians will deploy your service with cPanel/WHM, and provide complementary migration services, plus 24/7 technical support for any questions or problems that you may be having.

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