The Advantages of an SSD VPS Server

SSDs, or, Solid State Drives, are best known for the significant boost in performance that they provide versus traditional hard drives (i.e. SATA). In this blog post, we’re going to talk in a bit more depth about why you should choose an SSD VPS server for your online store, game server, blog, and so on.

Faster Backups!

One of the most important things any server administrator can do is maintain regular backups. In times gone by, you may be forgiven for not taking regular backups, if you’re using slower storage like a SATA drive. This is quite simply because the slower disk read and write speeds will mean that your backups take longer to generate, putting extra strain on your resources and potentially bringing other services on the server to a crawl. Of course, it depends on how much data you have; the difference between an SSD and a SATA drive for just a few megabytes of data will be trivial, but it soon starts to add up when talking about gigabytes or terabytes of data! With SSDs, your backups will finish faster.

Faster Page Load Times!

Again, like backups, this could be trivial. In all reality, you’re probably not going to notice much difference in page load times for a basic HTML and CSS website. However, if databases are added to the mix, you may start to notice an extended delay, especially for poorly written code. Faster page load times result in more conversions and more satisfied visitors, after all, who wants to browse a website that’s slow to load?

Faster System Maintenance!

Ever logged into your server and seen the updatedb process? This updates the database that is used for the locate command (great for quickly finding a file on your server!). Personal experience has seen it take hours to complete, hogging up Disk I/O and CPU during the process. Maintenance processes like this, and others, usually take place at least once a day, at which point you may start to feel a performance hit if you’re not lucky enough to have sufficient disk and processor power. With an SSD VPS, such tasks will finish faster, taking the strain off your Operating System and allowing it to run more smoothly.

Want to experience better performance? Get started with an SSD VPS today!

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