Four Signs That You Need to Upgrade Your Hosting

For a new website, many people take shared hosting for its cost effectiveness. But yeah, there are two sides for a coin.  Given the low cost, you will have to bear with the limited features and poor performance as well.

Once your website grows and the traffic increases, a shared hosting plan may not be enough to satisfy your audiences.  That’s where the need for an upgrade kicks in.

Signs Its time To Upgrade:

#1. Site Load Speed

One of the first signs your may need an upgrade is if your page load time is getting slow. You can use Pingdom Tools or GTMetrix to determine whether or not your site is taking a long time to load. I am not saying a high load time is only the result of hosting plan exhaustion. But we can expect things to go that way when you need to upgrade the plan.

Don’t forget to have a look at the number of visits you get. Compare the present traffic with what you used to get when there were no issues.

You can have a look at the rest of the subheadings. If you have more than two symptoms, it’s time you upgrade the plan.

#2. Downtime

Many websites on shared hosting experience downtime as they gain momentum.  Shared web hosting servers generally have hundreds if not thousands of websites on one single server.  This can lead to the server being abused or running out of resources quickly.  

#3. Custom Needs

The purpose of shared hosting is to make the service affordable to those  who have basic websites and limited budgets. It doesn’t offer loads of features. Moreover, you will have to choose from already set patterns of service.

As the time goes, you will face custom needs. The experience may tell you it’s time to try something new. Sadly, it isn’t possible with shared hosting. If customizability is your top pick, you might be ready to ditch your current plan and upgrade to a dedicated server.

#4. Limited Security

Shared hosting can lack security.  Moreover, you may suffer from the wrongdoing of other websites on the same server.

Wrapping Up

The reasons we listed are only a few reasons why you may want to upgrade to a dedicated server. There is certainly a need in the market for shared web hosting however for websites that outgrow the capabilities of shared web hosting a dedicated server is a perfect fit.