Premium Colocation Hosting, and Why You Need It!

If you’re not familiar with colocation, there are lots of benefits and cost-savings associated, but finding the right provider for the job isn’t always straight-forward. There are lots of factors to consider when making a decision, including (but not limited to):

Price Рfor some people and businesses, it will all come down to price. Pay too little, and it may show up with the quality of the service you receive and the future stability of the provider. Pay too much, and you may be paying considerably more than you need to, and possibly get no return on your initial investment for your hardware.

Location – perhaps equally as important, if not more important, than price, is the location you choose. In an ideal world, you likely want to select a location closest to your target audience. Let’s say your server is being used as a game server. If you host the server in the UK and the vast majority of your players are in Los Angeles, California, not only would your players have to contend with the latency of connecting to the physical server, but any extra latency that your game server protocol adds (some of them do). Your players are more than likely going to experience synchronization issues, also known as “lag”. Get a server close to your target audience!

Inclusive Services – all providers are different. For example, where some will offer initial racking as a billable service, others will provide it for free. It’s important to look at what’s included and the costs associated (for billable services) beyond just the base price. What seems like a remarkably low price can soon turn expensive. Contact your provider, and request their pricing for various services (racking, button pushing, basic maintenance such as drive swaps, etc).

Specification – there’s a lot to consider here. Does your perspective provider provide IP space in the price, or do you need to get them to announce your own IP space (and if so, how much do they charge?). There’s also bandwidth, uplink speed (10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 1 Gbit, etc).

DediPath provides colocation hosting in Los Angeles, New York and Las Vegas with prices starting at just $55.00 per month! For that, we provide IP space, premium bandwidth providers, free initial racking, a 100% power uptime guarantee and 24/7 customer service – all as standard!

To place an order, click on the location of your choice above, or reach out to our passionate sales team!

We hope to see you joining the DediPath family!