DediPath Chooses Path Network for Enterprise Level DDoS Protection

DediPath is amongst the most admired and well-known providers of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering premium services with astonishing brilliance, has decided to further upgrade their security network up a notch.

“We have been searching tirelessly for the right security company to complement our low latency network and provide a DDoS protected environment for our customers. With our large and diverse customer base, it is extremely important to partner with a DDoS mitigation company that understands our needs and can mitigate threats of any type and measure. Above all our customers expect low latency bandwidth, high performance, and 100% uptime,” annotates Ernie Quick, the CTO of DediPath.

Path Network, a DDoS mitigation network, has been selected as the top choice for protecting and securing the entire network and database of DediPath. Rock-hard security has always been the foremost priority at DediPath, as a result, the announcement took place in order to bestow reasonable, reliable and the most secure services with 100% uptime.

“We are excited about our partnership with Path Networks. Leveraging Path’s enterprise security products, we can offer our customers a secure environment when a threat arises. We are excited to announce we have implemented their DDoS mitigation in all of our locations,” says Mark Jiannino, CEO of DediPath.

DediPath provides scalable dedicated and virtual private servers, along with collocation and other managed services with unlimited bandwidth and perfect uptime. The team of Path is extremely excited to unite with them and looks forward to making DediPath more paramount than ever.

“We are thrilled to see that DediPath is raising the bar when it comes to security infrastructure, network efficiency, and overall protection. This is the type of action that we expect more and more firms to take as the absolutely critical need for network security becomes increasingly evident around the world. Our goal is to provide DediPath with all the support, services, and solutions that they need as they embark on this path of increased security around their entire firm,” states Marshal Webb, Path CEO.

About DediPath:

DediPath is a provider of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) which offers dedicated server hosting, virtual private servers, hybrid servers, collocation, and managed services. They have a wide-ranging proficiency in managed services as well as collocation, and the team is focused on satisfying the customers at a highly competitive price.

About Path:

Path is known for optimizing the regular servers and everyday users, thus by bringing the two of them together, it powers the uptime and monitoring performance with distributed nodes. In terms of security, the Path DDoS mitigation services have been utilized by companies worldwide and it helped in easing security concerns for hundreds of IaaS providers.

Path provides in-depth monitoring and analytics of the performance of websites, the network uptime, and applications for helpful insights. Path received global covered for offering solutions such as DDoS attack mitigation and detection, Enterprise level VPN’s, penetration testing, and security assistance. Further information available at