DediPath launches yet another POP in Las Vegas, NV!

DediPath has done it again! Las Vegas servers are now online and ready to grow your business! Located in the massive Flexential facility in North Vegas, DediPath is well positioned for massive growth! This new location provides a unique opportunity that is hard to find anywhere else; serious security, environmental stability, and void of natural risks that face other locations.

The new facility will provide a great location that not only continues the basis of rock-solid service that DediPath provides, but also in well positioned to meet your Disaster Recovery needs. With multiple environmentally friendly power sources, a complete lack of weather-related disasters, and seismic stability, you are in good hands!

With plentiful hydro-electric and solar power sources, DediPath can offer amazing value for your baremetal and colocation needs. With nearly never-ending space, colocation options have never been more flexible from single unit installations all the way up to an entire cage.

The newest premier location also brings with it the tried and true performance of DediPath VPS services to include VZ and KVM environments on our always pure SSD backend! We are also building up our bare metal offerings in the new location to enable you to deploy more demanding applications with the ultimate in security.

This is just the latest in expansion for the DediPath and Flexential partnership as the astronomical growth continues. Keep an eye out for even more locations coming close to you!

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