DediPath Introduces Always On DDOS Protection with Path Networks!

On the one year anniversary of our initial launch partnership with Path for DDOS mitigation, DediPath is now announcing an expansion of offerings with always on protection for gaming service providers, financial and trading organizations, as well as all of our other partners that rely on DediPath as their IAAS provider!

The latest packaged offering takes advantage of all the current attack protections (UDP Floods, Fragments, ACK, SYN, etc) and allows for application level protections for common targets like Source, TeamSpeak, and more!

Full Comprehensive Protection from Path!

Full Comprehensive Protection from Path!

With the latest introduction of Always On protection against attacks such as those aimed at Source based games, proxy implementation means that not only will you be protected against flood and brute force attempts, but you will also likely see every day performance improvements due to caching at the edge!

The pricing scheme brings amazing value to our partners allowing extreme levels of protection at 1Tbps while only paying for ‘clean’ transit through to their server. This inline protection means that there is no redirection of traffic that causes even short interruptions (killer for gaming and financial institutions) and protections are always in place ready to drop attacks as soon as they begin! Massive flood attacks or low-bandwidth performance killers are no longer an issue! Attackers often seen the futility in targeting such protected services and simply move on to the next victim; leaving our partners able to sleep soundly knowing that they are protected by a dedicated team of engineers!

The combination of Path and DediPath make for a truly comprehensive solution with the already low latency, high capacity design of the network infrastructure protected by a low latency, high capacity DDOS protection solution. It simply does not get any better than this!

Get started with your Rapid Deploy server protected by Always On Path!

About DediPath:

DediPath is a provider of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) which offers dedicated server hosting, virtual private servers, hybrid servers, collocation, and managed services. They have a wide-ranging proficiency in managed services as well as collocation, and the team is focused on satisfying the customers at a highly competitive price.

About Path:

Path is known for optimizing the regular servers and everyday users, thus by bringing the two of them together, it powers the uptime and monitoring performance with distributed nodes. In terms of security, the Path DDoS mitigation services have been utilized by companies worldwide and it helped in easing security concerns for hundreds of IaaS providers.

Path provides in-depth monitoring and analytics of the performance of websites, the network uptime, and applications for helpful insights. Path received global covered for offering solutions such as DDoS attack mitigation and detection, Enterprise level VPN’s, penetration testing, and security assistance. Further information available at