DediPath and INAP continue to grow their Colocation and Performance IP Partnership

“DediPath’s continued expansion is primarily due to its dedication to its customers and partners. Our driving ethos is to ensure the success of our customers by ensuring that they are housed within the best facilities and supported by dedicated front line staff.”
– Ernie Quick
Chief Technology Officer

DediPath was launched with the vision of providing a unique approach to Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). With extensive experience in enterprise IT and managed services, DediPath’s founders are focused on creating a strong brand that provides the best service and support at a highly competitive price.

As DediPath expanded its footprint and network capacity, the company ran into issues with getting clear communication from its partner solution providers. This in turn hindered DediPath’s agility, as the company lacked the flexibility it needed in order to grow.

They also sought data center solutions with superior IP transit.

With these needs in mind, DediPath turned to INAP for colocation and network solutions that would not only meet the expectations of its customers but give the company the flexibility and support it needed to strategically grow their business.


DediPath chose INAP Colocation for a combination of facility quality and the network blend and optimization offered through Performance IP®. And as the partnership between INAP and DediPath formed, DediPath found the collaborative partner it was looking for.

“INAP’s team has set a new standard in proactively meeting with key stakeholders to find solutions to problems as they arise, and in some cases, even avoiding problems altogether,” said Ernie Quick, DediPath’s Chief Technology Officer. “The personal involvement at every level has been essential to the rapid growth DediPath has experienced.”

The team at DediPath note that INAP’s facilities are top tier in terms of critical infrastructure including power, cooling and redundancy. Additionally, room for expansion in INAP’s facilities was an attractive feature for DediPath. The company recently consolidated its data center footprint in Los Angeles after INAP completed a nearly 2 MW expansion of its flagship facility in Redondo Beach.

“DediPath’s continued expansion is primary due to it’s dedication to its customers and partners. Our driving ethos is to ensure the success of our customers by ensuring that they are housed within the best facilities and supported by dedicated front line staff.” said Quick.

DediPath also notes that the best infrastructure in the world is worthless if the network is lacking. With Performance IP®, INAP’s proprietary route optimized bandwidth offering, DediPath’s traffic is put on the fastest route every time.

“INAP’s facilities are top notch in terms of space and stability, and the network blend through Performance IP® allows us to focus on supporting our partn

Cold Aisle Containment

DediPath continues to find unique and expansive solutions for their customers…to include specialized cold aisle containment installations.

ers and growing their businesses, rather

than worrying about keeping the lights on,” said Quick.

In addition to colocation and network solutions, DediPath also takes advantage of INAP’s spend portability program, which allows the company to switch infrastructure solutions during its contract. This helps DediPath avoid environment lock-in and achieve current IT infrastructure goals while getting the necessary flexibility to adapt as its footprint grows. DediPath notes that, because of the program, it does not have to force equipment and partners into less desirable markets. Instead, it can adjust for growth where and when it is needed.


    • Ultra-low latency with Performance IP®, making on average 500 million route optimizations daily.
      • Latency and blend benefits act as a major selling point in DediPath’s product offerings
    • 100% network uptime.
      • Uptime means that DediPath’s partners and customers are put at ease, allowing DediPath to focus on helping them grow.
    • Flexibility and agility to grow as needed.
    • Strong communication with INAP for clear-cut decision making.