DediPath Launches Dedicated Servers at The Network Edge

Network Edge Dedicated Servers

DediPath, one of the most renowned providers of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), has decided to broaden their growth by opting EdgePresence as the strongest confidant, thus enabling them to expand their scope towards colocation facilities in the US Industry.

Bare metal solutions at the Edge of the Network were remarkable prior to the expansion. However, with DediPath and EdgePresence coming together as collaborators, the power capacity has increased tenfold with at least 20 edge colocation facilities set to be live next year and10 by the end of 2019. The latest expansion has come into light in order to be more flexible and thereby meet the desires of the entire clientele. 

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. & HOCKESSIN, Del. (BUSINESS NEWSWIRE) — EdgePresence, a leading-edge provider of remarkable quality data center and cloud facilities, has high-class network connectivity worldwide, takes pleasure in declaring their expansion with DediPath. The partnership has been established to be a several-year affiliation to offer high-performance bare metal colocation solutions.

Doug Recker, the brain behind EdgePresence, has been in edge industry for 25 years and received hard-earned excellence after successfully providing blazing edge data center and colocation facilities. Doug’s knowledge is based on efficiently creating several data center companies from scratch through exceedingly thriving exit points. This powerful familiarity is the grounds behind EdgePresence being a primary preference in the edge micro data center market.

“The edge market is critical for businesses embracing digital transformation, and the opportunities to build solutions that are viable for both today and tomorrow are possible,” says Doug Recker. “The industry is tending towards a more distributed infrastructure, leveraging network solutions that bring data closer to users which drastically improve capabilities and performance. We’re excited to be the company that is bringing those solutions to clients today while building fortified edge capabilities for tomorrow.”

DediPath offers scalable hosting services including unmetered bandwidth, state-of-the-art hardware, impeccable uptime, and much more. Courtesy of the expansion with EdgePresence, DediPath is allowed to be recognized as a purveyor of robust bare metal colocation services throughout the US.

“With the increase of mobile internet usage, awareness and use of the Internet of Things (IoT), and the release of 5G nationwide, customers have a need for their data to be located and accessed at the edge of the network,” states Ernie Quick, CTO of DediPath. “Our dedicated servers offer lower latency to and from mobile users on the edge, which improves performance, accessibility and provides greater reach than traditional urban-based data center locations.”

 “DediPath is excited about expanding and growing with EdgePresence to offer our enterprise-class solutions along with bare metal services at the edge,” comments Mark Jiannino, CEO of DediPath. “Our selection of EdgePresence as our go to market partner for bare metal solutions at the edge was an easy decision. EdgePresence offers all of the locations we were looking to grow into, plus N+1 infrastructure, 24×7 NOC, and its unprecedented layer 2 connectivity back to major carrier hotels in traditional urban centers.”

About EdgePresence

EdgePresence is a provider of low latency, top-notch bandwidth, edge micro data centers supplying fully equipped and exceedingly tenable space, power and connectivity optimized for enhanced performance of applications and services at the edge. EdgePresence micro data-center solutions include chartered single or multi-tenant build-to-suite edge points of presence (PoPs) throughout the US fulfilling the requirements of organizations, mobile and network operators, cloud services, content delivery networks, gaming providers and more. The company offers a variety of options ranging from single user configurations to bare metal infrastructure deployments.

About DediPath

DediPath is a provider of infrastructure as a service (IaaS). With a widespread familiarity in the IT industry, managed services, and colocation facilities, DediPath’s founders are dedicated to creating a powerful base that is focused on bestowing supreme services and support at a highly competitive price.

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