Data Center Selection Criteria : Critical Factors

The term IT is so deep that when you decide to step into it, there’s no going back. The more you indulge in it, the broader it’ll appear. There’s a reason why everyone keeps on saying, “When you make a decision based on your IT needs, keep in mind all the factors related to that service, especially the ones which are often overlooked, intentionally or unintentionally.”

One wrong move and the infrastructure that you built from scratch could turn to dust. There’s always going to be a lingering fear of putting faith in the wrong data center provider. The real dilemma is; who should you trust with your organization and precious data?

This question cannot just be answered in one word. Several factors are considered as important elements when you look for a data center and one should know how to recognize a data center that contains the potential.

Before opting, you must delve deep into the facility and its services as you’re about to store the most delicate asset of your organization in that facility’s data center. Some important criteria should be evaluated before the selection of a data center. These include-


The location, obviously, plays the most crucial role.  Data accessibility is extremely important.  The data center you choose should be located close to where the data will be accessed from.  

If you are picking a location that has a higher likelihood of natural disaster make sure to choose a facility that offers redundant power and backup generators.  


The future of your infrastructure ultimately lies within the infrastructure of your data center provider. Sounds ironical, doesn’t it?

If you look closely enough, you’d see that the size of the infrastructure defines the power and capacity of the company. A data center must be powerful enough to provide long-lasting connectivity. To ensure its functionality, you must pay heed to the capacity of its provider and confirm that the provider maintains a smooth flow of connectively. Research the quality of the hardware installed and its proximity. All these details will effectively help you maintain a steady flow of information regarding the facility and its data centers.


During the selection process of a data center provider, people often mistake power and infrastructure as being the same. Let me tell you; it’s a myth.

Infrastructure and power are, in fact, two varied criteria. Power is associated with the electrical aspects of a data center. The primary concerns include the girth of the grid that we are plugged into and how sturdy is it to withstand a malfunction. The sources where the power is being supplied from and the number of sources where the power is coming are factors that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The cost is also a crucial element to consider as power tends to exceed the budget sometimes. On top of that, the maintenance also proves to be a pain in the neck.

Having excess power in any of the PDU (Power Distribution Units) can also be hazardous. Each PDU must be operating at a maximum of 45% so in case a PDU fails, the other PDUs can take the weight of the failed one.


There’s no surprise that security is one of the very first things that a user considers before purchasing any IT related service. Unlike Power and Infrastructure, security is a factor that isn’t overlooked often; people actually pay heed to it already.

Companies have started to provide around-the-clock enforcement as people have become more aware of their security concerns. You must ensure that the facility isn’t easily accessed by anyone and there isn’t an electronic ID or registration free access to the data centers.

If the building is home to other offices as well, make sure that the facility and the offices don’t share a common area. Complete isolation is suggested with the addition of CCTV surveillance inside and outside the facility. There must be alarm panels that go off when there’s a fire or excess smoke in or surrounding the facility to avoid any disasters.

As far as the virtual security goes, ensure that there are various DNS and each DNS is under a varied firewall so if a server is facing downtime, your websites shall stay unaffected.


Internet connectivity is sometimes overlooked when choosing a facility.  When choosing the facility of your choice make sure the internet providers you plan to connect to are in the meet me room of the facility.  


Having a data center at your peril is not a walk in the park. There are always going to be some concepts that you cannot grasp on your own. The equipment will also update from time-to-time and so you are going to require customer support sooner rather than later.

Make sure that your provider has an online portal that shows all information related to your servers, the stats of its performance thus far, colocation details, plans, billing validity, and the schedules for equipment maintenance.

Ensure that the support staff is also providing physical assistance for rebooting and backup resetting purposes.

DediPath has a collective 50+ years experience in IT, managed services, and colocation. Our all services are backed by 24/7 customer support, a 99.99% uptime guarantee and the ability to tailor a service to your exact needs. Now that you grasp the basic idea of what to expect from a provider, we are confident that you’re going to make the right choice!

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