cPanel Servers Rock – We’re Explaining Why!

If you’ve been involved in managing a website, then cPanel likely needs no introduction to you. It powers a huge portion of the internet’s websites – and for good reason. With its user friendly admin (WHM – Web Host Manager) and client side interface (cPanel), mastering the product is quite simple. That’s made especially so due to cPanel’s very complete documentation. Now, that all sounds great, right? But what else? Why choose cPanel over a plain old LAMP (that’s, Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP)? Read on to find out…

1) cPanel does the hard work for you. From the initial installation to managing updates and performing maintenance tasks (i.e. log rotation), cPanel knows how to keep a server in check, and running smoothly. That doesn’t mean to say it’s complete autonomous (it isn’t!) but it manages pretty well. This is ideal if you’re a hands-off type of person, who is focused on developing websites, rather than a Linux Systems Administrator.

2) Loads of backup options! Some people probably consider the backup options to be the most important feature in the product, and there’s definitely plenty of them. For example, you can automatically backup to Amazon S3, FTP, Google Drive, Rsync, SFTP, etc. Best of all, there’s loads of options to customize how you want the backups, including the days of the week to run on, the cPanel accounts you would like backed up and so on. Backups are important, and cPanel makes them easy!

3) All the features a webmaster could possibly need. FTP, Email, Databases, Addon Domains, Sub Domains, DNS Management, File Manager. They’re just a few things that you’ll find on a cPanel server. In reality, these are the basics and there’s so much more that will make your life as a webmaster that bit easier. Let’s say you want a staging area, an area that only you and a select few people can view. cPanel lets you easily create password protected folders to keep prying eyes away. Or maybe you need to see your traffic statistics to better target your marketing? cPanel makes this easy, too.

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