Google Chrome 68 – A Major Change for SSL Certificates

Version 68 of Google Chrome is fast approaching – it’s set to arrive in early July.

Of the changes include a new warning which will mark websites without a valid SSL Certificate as “Not secure”. This means that SSL is no longer a choice, unless you wish to risk scaring off your website visitors by the prospect of a website being “insecure”. Fortunately, there is still time to react and make the necessary changes to ensure that both Chrome and your visitors remain happy.

There are a number of ways to install an SSL certificate, along with a variety of different providers. As such, the question you may be asking is quite simply, how do I get an SSL certificate, and from whom? One option that’s becoming increasingly popular is Lets Encrypt, who, in their words, “is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority”. Companies such as Comodo and Symantec also provide security certificates, but at a cost.

DediPath provides a range of Fully Managed services, in which our team of technicians can take care of installation for an unlimited number of Lets Encrypt certificates, at no extra charge. With free migrations of your data included as standard, you can be sure that your websites will be SSL secured in no time at all! Prices start at just $24.99 per month for Fully Managed SSD VPS Hosting. If you’re looking for more power, consider a Fully Managed Hybrid or Dedicated Server!

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