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DediPath is the Patron of Safe Use of the Internet

Smart Use of Internet

Cyberspace has become a place of very large criminal activity. Obviously every Internet user is exposed to it. Fortunately most of the attacks, due to its mass share character is only successful when your computer does not have basic security software (Antivirus/AntiSpyware). That is why it is important to be concerned about safety of your… Read more »

What is Datacenter Cold Aisle Containment?

Cold Aisle Containment

(If a picture is worth a thousand words…how about a video?!) Why do we need Cold Aisle Containment (CAC)? To better understand why we deploy our infrastructure with CAC, first we need to talk about datacenter airflow. As anyone working with a lot of electronics can tell you, they generate heat. When we start talking… Read more »

DediPath and INAP continue to grow their Colocation and Performance IP Partnership

“DediPath’s continued expansion is primarily due to its dedication to its customers and partners. Our driving ethos is to ensure the success of our customers by ensuring that they are housed within the best facilities and supported by dedicated front line staff.” – Ernie Quick Chief Technology Officer DediPath was launched with the vision of providing… Read more »

DediPath and AlefEdge Create Strategic Partnership

DediPath and AlefEdge would like to announce a strategic partnership in the continued explosive growth of both organizations.  AlefEdge is the leader in the Edge internet, providing a Software-Defined Mobile Edge (SD-ME) platform and open APIs for Enterprises and developers. SD-ME allows organizations to deploy Edge computing easily, creating a low-cost path to 5G-style applications…. Read more »

DediPath Introduces Always On DDOS Protection with Path Networks!

On the one year anniversary of our initial launch partnership with Path for DDOS mitigation, DediPath is now announcing an expansion of offerings with always on protection for gaming service providers, financial and trading organizations, as well as all of our other partners that rely on DediPath as their IAAS provider! The latest packaged offering… Read more »

Rapid Deployment Servers Introduced at DediPath!

After listening to some amazing feedback from our partners, DediPath has addressed one of the greatest needs in the current IAAS environment…immediate availability of more resource as online demand skyrockets. To meet that need, we have introduced our line of Rapid Deployment Servers! With input from our partners, review of current demand, and the supply… Read more »

DediPath launches yet another POP in Las Vegas, NV!

DediPath has done it again! Las Vegas servers are now online and ready to grow your business! Located in the massive Flexential facility in North Vegas, DediPath is well positioned for massive growth! This new location provides a unique opportunity that is hard to find anywhere else; serious security, environmental stability, and void of natural… Read more »

Why you should go with Colocation in Jacksonville!

Leasing bare metal services allow for quick turnkey deployments, but sometimes an organization has very specific needs that require a certain configuration. For that, nothing is better than custom colocation. Our colocation allows for any organization to build their own server and then ship it for us to be securely racked in a top of… Read more »

Creating custom solutions: A 20k User Galera and HAProxy Cluster!

Have you ever found your application so successful that you constantly are trying to add more and more resources to a single server to meet the needs? At some point, you will find that the cost of higher speed processors, more RAM, faster drives starts to only provide diminishing returns. So what is a popular… Read more »

DediPath launches new POP in Jacksonville, FL!

In a continuing streak of tremendous growth and expansion, we at DediPath are announcing our latest POP in Jacksonville, FL! Located in the JaxNAP facility in downtown Jacksonville, we look to bring a unique offering in the Southeast and a portal to South America! Downtown Jacksonville provides an express lane to South America without taking… Read more »