4 Reasons to Choose Dedicated Server with DediPath

There’s no beating around-the-bush that the hosting market is a busy one – there’s quite literally thousands of providers to choose from. As such, it can be hard to find the provider for you, that not only offers the right server at the right price, but also includes support and uptime that your business can rely on. To help make that search a bit easier, we’ll look at 4 reasons to choose a DediPath Dedicated Server!

1) Your choice of location

Have you ever looked at a provider and noticed how they only offer one location? This might be of no concern, however if you find your project or business expanding and wish to conquer new audiences, you may want to have servers located closer to them. DediPath offers servers in both Los Angeles and New York.

2) Gigabit uplinks, out-the-box

We’ve all been there, spending hours comparing specs versus price and trying to get the best bang for our buck. One option that you’ve undoubtedly come across in the past is port speed. Many providers offer 100 Mbps, or even 10 Mbps as standard, charging anywhere from $5 to $50 per month, or more, to upgrade to 1 Gbps. You won’t find this option when ordering a DediPath server, as we provide 1Gbps as standard!

3) IPMI, or, Intelligent Platform Management Interface, is all yours, forever!

Mistakes can happen. It takes one click of a button to reload a configuration file, only to realise you specified the wrong value, leaving your server inaccessible over the public internet. In such cases your options are usually limited to contacting your hosting provider, at which point you’ll either have to wait 15, 30, or maybe 60 minutes for a response to confirm they’ve resolved the problem. In the event they’re not so welcoming, not all providers are able to provide IPMI, and will charge a fee for a dedicated KVM to be attached to your server. All DediPath servers includes IPMI as standard, available for your use all day, everyday.

4) Highly configurable for your specific needs

Is your server going to be used for intensive read or write operations? If so, you’ll likely want an SSD, or, Solid State Drive. Do you run a video streaming service? You’ll want to ensure you’ve got plenty of bandwidth. Or perhaps you need your server to be fully managed? DediPath provides customisation upgrade options for all these cases, and many more. Upgrading (or downgrading) your server is quick and easy with DediPath.

Are you looking to expand your business, or are you just finding the need to get your first dedicated server? Talk to us today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote, to fit both your needs, and your budget.

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