3 Fast Ways to Make Your Websites Even Faster!

As a webmaster, you want your websites to be fast. Likewise, as a visitor, you want the websites you’re browsing to be fast. Especially if you’re the kind of person that leads a busy life, do you have time to spare, waiting for web pages to load? In this article, we’ll look at three ways to boost the loading time of your websites, making your visitors happier, and possibly increasing your conversion rates!

1) Don’t use PHP 5 – use 7. PHP 5 is on its way out. At the time of writing, the only remaining version that’s supported is 5.6, and even that reaches its security End Of Life in just a few months (December 2018). Get with the times and use PHP 7. It’s considerably faster and provides a whole host of new possibilities. See here for a list of New Functions. Most popular software packages support PHP 7, including WordPress, Joomla, and Magento. If you’re using a custom-built script with no one available to update it, hire someone! Or, if you’re up for the job yourself, take a look at the migration guide.

2) Limit plugins/addons/extensions to those that you need or useOften, a base software installation (let’s use WordPress as an example) is pretty quick. And often, it’ll be built by someone who knows what they’re doing, and at the very least, understands the code of their product. When you start installing third-party plugins, addons or extensions, there’s no guarantee that the same can be said about the developers of those. They could be responsible for your site’s slowness! Consider temporarily disabling anything that’s created by a 3rd-party, to help rule out what the problem isn’t. And remember, only use 3rd-party modules when they’re required – not just because they look a little bit more attractive.

3) Ensure that your content is properly optimized. A good start in this area means to say that images which are 10 MB’s in size are really bad. Compress your images, and, don’t over-use them either! Remember: Images can be one of the heaviest components of any website. Many modern web browsers contain features to help you build a better website, have you ever visited Google Chrome’s “Audits” tab within Inspect Element? It allows you to give your website a “once off” of potential problems, including optimizations. Another great resource to help you optimize your website’s content is GTemtrix – take a look!

If, after making these changes, you’re still seeing either a slow website or a website that’s slower than you’d like, consider moving to a new hosting provider.

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