Creating custom solutions: A 20k User Galera and HAProxy Cluster!

Have you ever found your application so successful that you constantly are trying to add more and more resources to a single server to meet the needs? At some point, you will find that the cost of higher speed processors, more RAM, faster drives starts to only provide diminishing returns. So what is a popular […]

DediPath launches new POP in Jacksonville, FL!

In a continuing streak of tremendous growth and expansion, we at DediPath are announcing our latest POP in Jacksonville, FL! Located in the JaxNAP facility in downtown Jacksonville, we look to bring a unique offering in the Southeast and a portal to South America! Downtown Jacksonville provides an express lane to South America without taking […]

DediPath Is Here To Help – COVID-19

We understand there is a lot of uncertainty right now given the current COVID-19 situation. At DediPath we are taking precautions to ensure that our staff stays healthy and safe. For the health of our staff we have beefed up our infrastructure and have allowed most of our staff to work from home. Additionally, we […]

Bare-Metal vs. Virtualization : What Performs Better?

For years, both Bare-metal servers and virtualization have dominated the IT industry. Virtualization was introduced way back in the 60s when owning such technology was quite expensive. Before that, organizations only knew one way to access the servers; by keeping them on the premises. Then came virtualization and people were given a choice between bare-metal, […]

NGINX vs. Apache: Which Server Is Right for You?

NGINX and Apache are two of the most popular and top-rated open source web server technologies to ever grace the Internet. I’ve oftentimes encountered firsthand that there’s always an ongoing debate about which one is superior to the other and which one would prove to be best suitable according to website requirements. I have lost […]

INAP and DediPath Announce Expansion of Colocation Services in Los Angeles

DediPath, a provider of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), recently selected INAP as their primary provider of data center solutions in the L.A. market.  Already the anchor tenant in INAP’s Redondo Beach data center, DediPath expands colocation footprint to INAP’s El Segundo data center. RESTON, Va., Nov. 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Internap Corporation (NASDAQ: […]

Data Center Selection Criteria : Critical Factors

The term IT is so deep that when you decide to step into it, there’s no going back. The more you indulge in it, the broader it’ll appear. There’s a reason why everyone keeps on saying, “When you make a decision based on your IT needs, keep in mind all the factors related to that […]

DediPath Chooses Path Network for Enterprise Level DDoS Protection

DediPath is amongst the most admired and well-known providers of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering premium services with astonishing brilliance, has decided to further upgrade their security network up a notch. “We have been searching tirelessly for the right security company to complement our low latency network and provide a DDoS protected environment for […]